Hey, good to see you. I’m Jonas Parnow, designer for information and data based in Berlin.


I am currently working at Golden Section Graphics as an Infor­mation designer and data visualist. Before that, I attended the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam for my Master Degree in Inter­face Design. For this, I wrote my thesis about Micro Visualizations.

I am passionate about trans­ferring information into visual struc­tures. For me, the work with data and infor­mation combines the worlds of design and art with science to create something beautiful that conveys truth and knowlegde. Creating graphics with respect for the information and the reader dictates my daily work.

I feel comfortable with common front-end, and some back-end programming languages and a good range of graphic appli­cations. Most of my visuali­zations emerge from the combination of diverse tools ranging from website scraping to data analysis appli­cations and geographic information systems.


My private life is naturally influenced by my work and vice versa. Therefore, I am interested in all kinds of design and technology appliance, especially the critical reflection on the effect new media formats have on us.

For me, inspirational designs come from Japanese, Scandinavian and Swiss print design, typography and art.

Even though connected to my work, photography implies a break and recreation for me. Capturing something beautiful is a great combination of my love for aesthetics and the curiosity to explore foreign places.

As a member of the Scout Movement I do care about the environment and my influence on nature.


If I may help you out with any project feel free to write an email to hallo@jonasparnow.de or contact me through one of these social media services.